Uber: The most reliable cab service that you should consider availing today!

Public transport is the only means for daily commuting for people who do not own a vehicle. Now days we have various private cab services that have emerged as an effective means of transport for people in metropolitan cities.

What is Uber and how does it work?

Popular names like Uber, Ola and kings cab have made it very feasible for people looking for a cab service with pick up from door option. Uber is a private cab company that provides taxi service to people. With an on demand facility, you can avail the taxi service as and when required during 24 hours of the day.

Travel now

The process of availing an uber cab requires signup process into the uber application that is available for all mobile platform users. After signup your email and other credentials are taken in and your account gets created. After which, the customer needs to enter the current as well as destination location into the app. The app displays a list of drivers who are available at that time to come and pick you up from your current location. Once you click on the “book now” option the estimated fare gets displayed and the booking is done.The application is very simple and user friendly for the convenience of users.

The coming up of UberSUV

In addition to providing cab services, uber also provides various car models like the UberBlack, Uber and UberSUV in cities like Mumbai and Bangalore.

After the successful launch of UberXL, Uber has launched various cars in UberSUV range in order to provide a luxurious and most comforting driving experience to riders. The basic requirements for UberSUV are listed as follows:

  • It contains comfortable and large space to accommodate at least 6 passengers.
  • An Uber SUV should be black in colour. If not, then it must have a vegan or a leather interior.
  • Drivers are expected to show professional and well-mannered attitude and must 21 or above in age.

Let’s talk about the cost; the most important parameter would be incurred while you go for UberSUV service.It is similar to the one you give for UberBlack, i.e., a base fare of Rs. 100 in addition to Rs. 2 per minute and an overhead of Rs.17 charged for every kilometre. The pricing is decent if it gets split up among all 6 passengers. Moreover, with promotional coupons and discounts the cost can be cut down easily.