Turn your home to a cinema theater using NRG Acoustics SJ-331 home theater system

People usually like to watch movies at Cinema Theater as they could get the best of audio and video. The cinema world is trying the different advanced technology both in visuals and audio quality in order to satisfy the customers in various ways. As long as they can satisfy the common people and the movie lovers they can increase their revenue. The fact is that most of the people don’t get satisfied with watching movies in their home just in their television because they are not able to experience the high quality audio and video.

Moreover if a person plans to experience the best quality cinema then they can try HD television but yet they will be in need of a better audio system because without a better quality audios system it is impossible to enjoy watching cinema as they expect. The best solution for this is to use home theater system in your home so that you can enjoy the same experience you feel from Cinema Theater.

Home theater and normal TV

There are many differences between watching a movie or a song using a home theater audio and normal Television audio. You will have different experience if you use home theater audio system as you can get the original audio quality from the source. The movie producers use high quality audio in the back ground score of the movie in order to escalate the original pulse of the movies. Be it of any genre movie the background score of the movie matters a lot because it will trigger our emotion and get us involved in the movie either in the sequence or the story.


If you are planning to get the same feeling in home when you are watching movies at home the best solution is to try NRG Acoustics SJ-331 home theater audio system from NRG acoustics the leading brand for high quality home theater system. NRG is not only leading but also most used brand as they deliver high quality home theater with advanced audio technology to satisfy the customer.

Use NRG Acoustics SJ-331 in your home to convert the ambience of your living room to be a theater when you are watching any movie. The NRG Acoustics produces the world class home theater system and it is preferred by more number of people that loves to listen to the authentic audio quality. If you want to enjoy the authentic Dolby, Dolby Atmos and the DTS or Wave sound you can prefer SJ-331 home theater model from NRG acoustic without any hesitation. This model is best and most preferred out of other products from NRG acoustics. The reason is that it produces the best and precise surround sound using 7.1 channel surround speakers.

Technical specifications

  • The total power of the home theater system is 1500 Watts for amplifier, speakers and pre amplifier.
  • The bass speaker is dual system 6.5 inches sub-woofer that produces high output
  • It is compatible to 7.1 channel surround system
  • Compatible to the advanced HD television
  • Gold Plated Connectors
  • Compatible to MP3 and Smart Phone connectivity