The Tribe: Review On Mass Gamers

One of the best features of the video games is that they are one of the best time killers. The only thing is that a brilliant time killer must be able to entertain their players well and also kill time in the same time. But these things are hard to be said in the matter of tribe. But that doesn’t mean that the game has become worse. This game is somewhat similar to that of shaman. It’s like a Netherlands life which is inexperienced and it makes the life better.  The task looks pretty much easy like moving from one end to the other but you will also have to be careful about not becoming a victim of animals and other tribes which includes tigers, hungry natives etc. But this is all not so easy so you should try to get the tribe review on mass gamers.

The tribe is nothing that tough it’s just a runner scroller where you need to make a right decision, or rather a quick decision on where to run. The entire game is a kind of big race and also includes back ground music of beating of drums. There are also breaks which are given occasionally for the route. The route selection can be done through the use of token. There are this group of cavemen who run along with you in the bushes, rivers etc. passing by many wild lions and tigers and beasts.


There is no scope for you to slow down but you can disconnect and then re connect with tribe again. To know more about this get the tribe review on mass gamers.You can collect something from the way, eat something and also escape certain routes. Some of the features of the following is –

  • Take the spear for hunting
  • Detect the hazards underfoot through fire
  • Add villages etc.

Short Game & What Makes it complicated –

This is one of the shortest games and yet is very much complicated. But you can pick yourself from anywhere. The game has its own kind of dangers and rewards. Which also includes the food and its dangers and rewards? It includes the continuous running of the tribe. Now obvious if it runs continuously it will need some food for which you will have to hunt. If the stomach of the tribe is empty then they start thinning on their own. So, you will have to be careful while you pick up the food.