The Best stop to your web security and networking solutions: Blue Coat Systems!

The rapid development in technology and coming up of internet has led to coming up of large number of small and large scale IT companies in the world.One such well reputed name in the field of information technology that has been providing best internet security and networking solutions to people is the reputed Blue Coat Systems. It is an American company that based on California which specialises in internet security services and products.


Company Overview and History

Blue Coat System Incorporation deals with various aspects of information technology including development of business applications,creation and management of web content and other information distribution to users over public internet as well as WAN.

The company was founded about 20 years back as a Cache Flow in the year 1996 with its original headquarters situated at Redmond, Washington.With its share of ups and downs,the company faced various economic losses and growths and was recently acquired by Symantec for a whooping amount of $4.65 billion.This acquisition got officially completed in the year 2016 in the month of August.

Products and Services provided by Blue Coat System

Blue Coat system deals with large number of web security and networking based products for its end user consumers. One such product, ProxySg which acts a great alternative to WAN optimization and security is one of the most successful products of Blue Coat System. Being virtual application software, it serves as a foundation of WAN optimisation and security. In addition to creating products dealing with web security it also deals with providing efficient networking solutions to its customers extending its services in the realm of web of cache management, data loss prevention and system administration.

The Bottom Line

Blue Coat system idealises the need for better WEB security. The staffs at the company are dedicated at provided the best quality internet security services to its customers at an affordable cost. With growing use of web, security threats catering to use of web have also witnesses an escalation. While making use of web you can never be sure of authenticity and safety of the site you are interacting with. Hence to avoid any casualty and help you with most reliable protection solutions, Blue Coat System is definitely a well-recognised name that helps you enjoy a smooth care free web experience with the right security ready by your side.