Seo extensions for Magento 2 are pretty useful

Magento is a very popular e-commerce store application that many companies use to showcase their products online to the customers. Since Magento is quite popularly used by many people, there are several versions and extensions of the application.

Recently, many users of Magento migrated to Magento 2 and hence they had to use the Magento two based Seo Extension too.

The SEO extensions are quite vital for your whole online operation as without it you’d certainly face various drawbacks.

So let us first check out features of a typical Magento 2 base seo extension;

  • Finding remedy to duplicate content problem
  • High-tech and superior crawling & indexation settings
  • HTML and Enhanced XML sitemaps
  • Cross links for the whole internal linking structure
  • Eleven SEO templates in order to optimize metadata
  • Hreflang based tags support
  • SEO for the Layered Navigation pages
  • Improved NEW Extended rich snippets
  • SEO based reports (currently under construction and soon to be developed totally)

Apart from this, many extension makers also provide free installation and configuration of the Seo extension so that you can easily enjoy its benefits.


What are the other services they provide?

Apart from configuration, these extension makers also provide help in the following manner;

  • Any type of store demos that you might need to understand the platform
  • Admin demo so that you can configure the whole system in a better way
  • User guide will also be given
  • And finally even Change log will be provided

What are the Additional Services that will be provided?

  • Basic Configuration—this will be free of any charge
  • Advanced SEO Configuration
  • Professional Installation
  • Free Lifetime Updates—so that all new updates would be given to you so that you can keep your online store up to date
  • Help and support for lifetime—free of any charge

You can also ask for a demo if you believe that you are having any sort of issue of understating the whole platform.

Benefits of the Magento 2.0 SEO extension

Apart from the above-mentioned features, the Magento 2 seo extension also has the following benefits;

  • You can replace any keyword with links to the internal website pages
  • You’d be able to put in any cross-links over any product, cms page or category
  • Specify store views
  • Put replacement priority for keyword
  • Replacement of link against keywords