Popular types of Digital Photo Frames

Today in this world of technology digital photo frames are gaining so popularity that the features of this are getting newly updated by more and more companies.

Some of the most popular digital frames are as below.

  • 15 “WiFi Cloud Digital Photo Frame: This is a frame made with full screen and having full resolution without the finger prints. The photos are displayed with 4:3 aspects and with having the property of rotating automatically. This has the property for weather forecasting and display of the slide shows. Another benefit for this kind of frame is that if any new photo has got added to this we can get the alert and the photo mails are also automatically checked.
  • 12” WiFi Cloud Digital Photo Frame: Photos can be uploaded with the help of the computers and the tablets in this kind of photo frame. Settings like displaying the most recent photos, transition of the photos and the clock are also available in this model.

The Screen Aspect of Digital Photo Frames

An important factor that should be noted in electronic photo frames is about the Screen Aspect. These are 4:3 aspects and another one is 16:9 widescreen aspects.

4:3 aspects are used mostly in digital cameras like the SLR. For this kind of aspect with 4 inches of width of the screen, the height of the screen will be 3 inches.


16:9 aspects are used mostly in the flat TV’s. But this is not suitable in using the digital photo frame .This is because the photos in 4:3 aspects will be appeared in a stretched pattern horizontally. Many 16:9 aspect images will appear properly but there will be some black lines vertically at both ends of the photo which can also spoil the screen appearance. In case of the 16:9 aspect frames that support the video playback will be good to see as the widescreen videos appear in the whole screen.

The Screen Size

The screen size of the digital frame depends on the size of the room and its use. Most of the digital frames are made with a diagonal screen measurement. Most common size of the screen comes from around 5 to 10 inches. If it is comfortable for us to have a model which is able to carry then there are options of key chains.

The digital frame also provides many options that give us an experience in enjoying the photos .Resize of the pictures are possible by assuring that it gets fit for the screen and is also able to display the whole image.