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Pokémons are very popular characters, and the Pokemon Go game has been launched this year July. This amazing 3D game has got lots of popularity. This game can be played on any version of Android and IOS. The game is gaining popularity for its unique concept. You can play this without paying a single money. You will get an amazing experience as this game synchronized physical world with the virtual world. The best part about this simple game is you just need to catch Pokemons but in the real world. You can set your location and then you can track the map to hunt Pokemons in real time.


Hacks to catch Pokemon:

The main aim of this game is to catch Pokemon and when you know, all the Pokemon go hacks it becomes to hunt them down. If you want to know more about Pokemon hacks, you must check

  • When you start playing Pokemon go you can start your game you with Pikachu instead of other three characters Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle. You need to ignore these three characters and keep walking, and then you will see Pikachu and start your game with it.
  • Hatching an egg in your Pokemon Go game is not that easy. Eggs can be hatched once you cover a specific distance, but if you do physical activities more, then, your eggs can be hatched eas
  • If you want to find more Pokemons, you have to visit those places which are crowded. You can visit parks, malls or any tourist attraction spots to hunt more Pokemon.
  • Pokemon tends to spawn near to their natural habitat. If you find water, such as lakes, ponds, ocean or any other water bodies that help to spawn.
  • If you are not good at aiming and missed your Pokeball when you are trying to catch Pokemons, then you can get your Pokeball back when it is visible on the ground, you just need to tap that, but you have to be very quick.
  • You can get free coins if you are using Android specific apps. You can answer surveys and earn credit in your play store which will stock up as Pokecoins, and you can use it as actual cash later on.
  • You can find all the Pokestops using your map. When you find Pokestops, you can easily catch more Pokemons.

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