Pick right bob cut according to your face type!

If you are self acclaimed Fashionista, or you love to follow the currents trends then only updating your wardrobe is not the only way to fall in the category. It is important to keep tab on each and every aspect of fashion right from head to toe. Well, in this piece of write up, we bring you how you can easily have the perfect hair cut even if; you have short and fine hair. Hair cut is indeed one way that can draw attention to your facial features without doing any kind of makeup therefore, it’s imperative to choose the right kind of hair cut that will enhanced your overall look and personality as well.

With so many hair cut to choose from it becomes tough on the part of the laymen to opt for the right hair cut and most of the ladies end up sporting A-line long bob is my next haircut as I have thin hair. But to your surprise, there are different hair styles for fine hair; all you have to do is to sit with your stylist in order to have the perfect look.


Both lots of look and hair stylist can be made out of thin and fine hair, therefore it is important to decide the right hair cut that would suit your face. It’s common to find people who are simply clueless when it comes to finding the perfect hair style and a line bob is very popular these days and it is not going out of fashion. It is said to be perfect for the people with fine hair and it’s not that that you will only have the regular cut as there are multiples bob styles, from layered to choppy which you can go for. To ascertain you with some minute details here we have compiled few tricks that would help you to have the perfect hair cut.

 How to choose right bob cut?

  • If you have rounder face then lob look is perfect that will give right symmetry to the face, along with lob you can give some side swept bang for that soft look.
  • Angular cut for angular face as this look will accentuate the feature in apt may an A line bob is best for angular face cut.
  • Layered bob: if you have square face then layered and choppy look will do the need full and layer will tone down the squareness of the face.

These are a few hair cut that you can choose according to the shape of the face, therefore, it is advisable to choose the right bob cut that would accentuate the look and at the same time it will both boost up and add volume to your locks.