Medical assistance as a profession one of the most prospective in the US!

Among the newest of job opportunities, there are only a few that show eminent prospects. A new stream takes its own time to get going; it has to earn reputation as a stream of importance and have takers among the students; but more importantly it must have a feeding industry that will absorb its pass outs. Among the very few ones that show a bright prospect ahead is medical assistanceship.

Where can medical assistants get jobs?

Medical assistants are required in large numbers in the doctors’ clinics. The professionals have to cater to the patients, give them the medicines and make them understand the prescriptions, besides doing the follow up job. They also have to technically assist the doctor in many ways starting from preparing daily schedules, charts of patients having appointments, managing the meetings with various medical bodies and representatives, and so on. The stream thus requires a few of all of these skills:-

  • Communication
  • Technical knowledge in medicine
  • A bit about dosages and side effects of various drugs
  • IT proficiency
  • Ability to prepare, maintain and follow up daily schedules


How will the profession survive?

Medical assistanceship is based on the medical industry itself; the growth in the number of doctors leading to a greater number of private clinics all over the US is playing a vital role. The corporatisation of the medical industry in the form of private hospitals, clinics with more than one doctor attending, clinics that also provide medicines, and so on, are collectively adding to the growth.

One can thus see a huge boom in this industry over the recent times. With an exponential growth in awareness among the patients, one can assume a good health for the professionals ahead. The increased spending in healthcare by individuals, mostly through medical insurances, has made it a sustainable industry as well.

Thus, a professional medical assistant not only has to depend on private clinics,maryland school of medicals she/he can get absorbed by the medical corporate industry as well. The recent trends in the US show above 90% of professionals in this field earning as much as $20.15 hourly. The mean wage for the professionals lies between $29370 and $30780 annually for the ones in the industry for a considerable bit of time, with good prospect even for the newcomers.