How to Speed Up a Video with a Fast Motion Effect in Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor offers a fast motion function that allows you to convert your video into a fast motion video. Your video will play several times faster than the original speed. Applying the fast motion effect can make the video look as if it is being forwarded on on a DVD recorder. The effect makes your video looks kind of funny when everything moves very fast. This effect can now be applied on videos with a basic video editor like Movavi Video Editor.

To speed up video with a fast motion effect, you must click on the Add Media Files and select one or more video files that you would like to apply the effect. Movavi Video Editor is able to open over 200 types of video formats. The videos that you open will automatically be added onto the timeline without you having to drag it over there.

Now, you must click the video file on the timeline once to select it and then click on the gearwheel button which will take you to the settings page. You will see a speed slider which is used in adjusting the playback speed of the video. You can click the play button on the preview area and adjust the speed slider at the same time to see its effect on the video in real time.


By default, the normal playback speed of the video is only 100%. You can enter a value more than 100% to make the video play several times faster than the original speed. You can also make the video play slower by dragging the speed slider backward to lesser than 100%.

The fast motion effect allows you to playback a lot of scenes at a fast speed. The slow motion effect is great when you want people to watch an interesting part in slow motion for example something drops into the water in the cup and sink into the bottom.

Both the movie and its audio track will play faster when you adjust the speed. So, if you want the audio to play at normal speed, you must first mute the audio track by clicking on the mute track button on the left. Next, you must upload the original video file one more time onto the timeline.

You are to select the original video file you just uploaded and click on the audio button that is identified with a musical note. You must hold down your mouse on the audio button and drag it to under the original video. After that, you must delete the original video you added just now. If you playback the video, you will find that video is fast forwarding but the music track is playing at a normal speed.

The ease of use of Movavi Video Editor is the reason why it is suitable for beginners who are new to video editing. It support other editing features besides speeding up the video. The fast motion video you just created can be exported into many types of video formats like MOV, AVI and MP4.