Fliegengitter fly screen door is the optimal Fly Control

Each of us feels sometimes more, sometimes less of insects, especially mosquitoes, flies and horseflies, disturbed in the warm season. This is not surprising. Insects are harmful and because these little critters come with the first rays of spring crawled from their winter hiding places and make the area unsafe. Over the summer, they then multiply many times over, so that the desire for a mosquito net is widening before them. There are several ways to protect you from them. Fliegengitter fly screen door of the irritating contemporaries can be kept on their side of the living areas – namely outside. The screen door is available in different versions. Therefore, for each purse something.

The general principle is based on an aluminum frame, which can be adapted to the dimensions of the door. For this purpose, no grand, technical skills are necessary. Of course, is an easy to understand assembly instructions with each kit can call a sliding door to its terrace towards his own; of course, the option has to mount the screen door in the form of a sliding door. They are built on the same principle.


Therefore, they are easy to install for anyone. You have the windows in the house and these windows provide for each insect an optimal entrance into the house. Therefore, they should also be provided with mosquito screens for windows. The only way to ensure that as many insects as possible remain in their natural environment. Again, the system of the kit is mainly offered. As a second variant, the Fly screens can be attached by means of a Velcro band on the window frame.

This is the cheapest option of insect repellent. But this model can be successively used for several years. The prerequisite for this course is that the screen door at the end of the season is still intact. The Velcro tape should be left in place. Otherwise, at the beginning of the next mosquito season new Velcro needed. For roofing and Veluxfenster another model is needed. Insect screens for windows and doors cannot provide 100% protection but for the few copies that still make it to the house and a solution is sought. Many people now depend on bug spray and hope to order the troublemaker make the Gar. Unfortunately, the spray with the shotgun shooting is comparable to crack a nut. In addition, it is deadly not only for insects. Also beneficial organisms may erroneously thus be destroyed. One would have to be quite sure that no useful insect near is when to use it. Another reason that speaks against the use of sprays is the fact that it is harmful for humans.