Easy way to get the video in the format you want

Everyone use to download videos from youtube so that they are able to watch it anytime and any number of times they want. But downloading a youtube video will be terrible sometimes. Generally you will use some software to download the videos from online but the video link may not be available sometimes and hence you cannot download that particular video. But many solutions have been found to avoid such troubles while downloading the videos. Instead of using the software, you can easily get the videos with the help of certain online sites.

Some of the sites allow you to get the download link for any youtube video simply. All you need to do is add some extents to the youtube link. When you do that, the page will be redirected to the concerned site and thereby you can get the download link. This is the most preferred way of downloading youtube videos. There is one common problem that many people use to face. Normally the youtube videos will be in different formats and some of them may not be played by the devices you have.


If you are downloading your favourite video and face such situation it will be frustrating. You may not know what to do with this video. You may think that video converting software can be used for this purpose. But you would have seen the clarity of the video will be reduced when you convert them using any software. Therefore you need to find some other solution to get the video in the compatible format. If you are looking for such solution, then you have to visit the site http://mp4.ee/. This site is mainly intended to let users to convert the videos in the format they want.

Therefore you can utilize this and download your favourite videos in the format which your devices support. You may wonder about the procedure to convert the video. Actually it is very simple and anyone can easily convert the videos. First of all you have to go to youtube and get the link of the video you want. After that you should visit http://mp4.ee and paste the link in the space which is given for that especially. Then you can find the button named submit below the space. You have to click it and the page will redirect to the next page. There you can select the format you want. Finally you are able to download the video easily.