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Kuala Lumpur is one of the city of Malaysia and is a very famous and renowned tourist destination in the town of Malaysia. Many of the tourists and visitors visit KL for various seasons. KL houses are one of the famous PETRONAS Twin Tower in Malaysia, the KL Tower and many of the different eminent shopping centers like the   Mid Valley, / Sunway Pyramid and more of these places.

There are well known and several other places in Malaysia as well, such as the Penang Island. The Penang Island is well famous for its temples and olden day’s buildings. From Penang to KL by bus very convenient since the Puduraya station (which is now renamed as  Pod Central) is at the centre of the city. Several express buses ARE ALSO Available such as the News Express, Plus liner and the Transnational, which offers this route to its passengers who are travelling from Penang to KL.Easiest way to travel by booking your ticket

For those passengers  who are willing  to pay a visit to Malaysia, these two cities  – Kuala Lumpur  and Penang the two places which are very much famous, to visit  in Malaysia. You can make an online booking on easybook.com  There are  just two such   terminals in Penang where you can also  catch the buses  from Penang to KL such bus terminal in, Penang Komtar, or then  the Butterworth terminal  which is (also known as Penang Central) in the centre  of Penang.

There are many varieties of these buses that are been chosen by many of the public when you arrive at the bus terminals. There are some of  the bus operators that even  offer a super VIP sea at a very  reasonable price or the bus might  even come with entertainment features to keep you  entertained throughout the journey  with a  small LCD screen to enjoy watching your desired programs  show while you are  traveling. With the easybook.com bus companies that even provide you meals during the journey, so that you could even enjoy some of the local delicacies inside the bus itself.

Boarding a bus from Penang won’t be a hassle and taxing as soon as you arrive at City. Of Kuala Lumpur  You shall be truly fascinated with all of the sights that have been presented with the window of the bus, and you will not even know how time flies away.