Can wilderness therapy help drugs addict to get back to the normal life?

When people start talking about power of Mother Nature, all that they highlight is hurricane, storms, twisters, raging tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. This is where most of the people go wrong because Mother Nature’s power does not mean just devastation and destruction. She also offers restorative and healing power that can help individuals to get back on the path of happiness and good health.

Therapies exist since several decades

Since several decades, psychologists and therapists are offering wilderness therapy that can help people to regain control of their life, overcome challenges, get rid of drug addiction, are recognize the real self hidden within. Several case-studies and research work presented by psychologists have proved the effectiveness of wilderness therapy programs. Research paper written by University of Idaho’s Dr. Keith C. Russell was the first one to bring the effectiveness of such therapies in the limelight. The concerned paper was titled as “Why Wilderness Therapy Works.” It was released in 2000 and also highlighted how such therapies were gaining popularity and racing ahead of other mental health related programs.

wild therapist4The United States saw the emergence of first such therapy program during 1950s when Europe’s famous-Outward Bound-program was introduced in the country.  Outdoor education and aspects of wilderness therapy were introduced under this program. Some people still criticize hard work and efforts that participants need to perform as part of the program. However, let’s not forget that psychological benefits and noticeable emotional changes are clearly visible among participants after they complete their program. These therapies have changed lives of several individuals suffering from behavioral disorders and addiction to banned substances (substance abuse). From children to adults, wilderness therapy programs are suitable for almost everyone.

Helps individuals to recognize the inner self

Green spaces can not only reduce depression, but can also enhance creativity, enhance senses, and improve the power of imagination. Depending on the psychological condition of the participant, health expert would recommend suitable therapy. Most of the therapies also include camping, trekking, hiking, and other activities that can cause physical tiredness. If you are looking for organization that offers effective wilderness therapy programs designed to help individuals to get back to their normal life, you should check details for Anasazi Wilderness Program. Anasazi offers help to young adults as well as children. The Arizomna based organization’s therapy providers are licensed and have several years of experience in managing such programs.