Bundle it with extensions!

An online store gives customer a vast choice and can be time consuming. To facilitate quick yet smart choice, a customer can shop for bundles from pre-decided categories and fixed prices. This is possible with product extensions.

The customer can shop fora bundle of products from pre-determined categories. The pre-determined categories limit the options and make it easier for customer to choose from. Product extensions help in creating these categories by pairing select products. Categories can even be created as per brands, price range, etc., making it easier for the customer to shop.

The extension will help you to create bundles very efficiently, especially for stocks that need to be cleared off the site. The entire process is very systematic, user friendly and easy for the bundle creator to handle.

The product extension once installed gives you access to an admin panel. You can create and manage all your product bundles from here. You can create categories; add products; take away products; set price. You can also temporarily enable or disable products or bundles. This makes the page highly customizable. Let’s view the steps to creating a bundle.


Step 1 – Create a new bundle and name it. E.g. Christmas Party.

Step 2–Create item categories for the bundle.E.g. Red dress and green shoes

Step 3 – Next, add a number of products in each category. E.g. ten types of red dresses &ten types of shoes.

Step 4–Finally, Fix a price for the bundle.

Now you are ready to let the customer enjoy the bundle experience. That is what an extension does for you. It easesyour customer’s difficulties. This kind of bundle also offers a customer a better price than if they shopped each item separately. You can also offer discounts for various bundles, esp. when you want to clear out the product.

Let’s see how this works. As a customer, you will select a red dress and add it to one slot it in the bundle. Next step is to select green shoes and add it to the package. The price displayed will be for the entire package and you can check out both at once.

The unique advantage of using an extension is that you can create unlimited bundles and customer can purchase multiple bundles. Thus, you have assured sales of fixed amounts. Our clients are very happy with the extension as it helps them during clearance times. It also makes the online store more attractive for people with fixed budgets.