Apply for BR1M and get financial support from the government

Everyone needs money in order to survive and get the essential things in the present days. But most of the people will not be having good economical status. Their income will be very low and hence they are not able to do anything and they will be leading a complicated daily routine. In order to help them in the better manner, Malaysian Government is taking number of initiative steps and offers many schemes for their development. Therefore the people in Malaysia can make use of them and get support from their government. The BR1M is one such scheme which is being very helpful for many people financially.

This scheme is offered by the government over few years and many people are being benefited by this scheme. The main objective of BR1M is to give better financial support to the Malaysian citizens who are economically weak. The government receives the application for BR1M scheme from the people end and it is ready to help all those people. This scheme is mainly offered for the families, aged people, individuals who are 21 years old. Each of the categories will get particular amount of money for being the member of the scheme.


The families will receive RM 1,200 if their monthly income is less than RM 3,000. Meanwhile some of the families will have the income around RM 3,000 to RM 4,000 and they will be getting the amount RM 900. People who single and have the income of RM 2000 will receive RM 450. The aged people will receive RM 1,000. This is the amount details of this scheme hence people can apply for this BR1M and enjoy the benefits. Applying for this scheme is very simple therefore individuals do not have to concern about how to apply for it.

People have two different options to apply for this scheme. They can go online and visit the official site for this purpose. There is an official site created by the government to give kemaskini br1m 2017 and also to allow people to apply for the scheme therefore instead of visiting the office individuals can simply prefer the online option. Since the site gives them the instructions, they can go through that before filling the online application. However, some of the people will feel difficult to go online and apply for it and they can simply prefer the offline mode. Particularly the aged people will have such complications. However, they can visit the respective government office and apply for the scheme.