Provide Clear Expectations, Actions And Metrics For Improvement

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It’s critical to document absolutely everything, every step of the way, and get the employee to sign off on the plan in case the end result is termination. As the manager, you should check in with your HR business partner to make sure the plan meets company criteria and the language used in the plan is appropriate to the situation, Cyrus said.

Sterling reminded employers that having the necessary documentation, taking the appropriate steps and getting the individual engaged doesn’t necessarily protect you from a lawsuit, but it will help mitigate any wrongful-termination claims the employee may try to make after the fact.

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Once you’ve stated the employee’s performance problems, you should work with the employee to develop a plan of action that encompasses training (if necessary) and clear benchmarks to meet. Decide what tasks should be accomplished and how to best measure them. Lasater noted that creating this plan together with the employee in question will ensure understanding and create commitment on the employee’s part.

Cyrus said the PIP should identify any internal resources available to assist the employee in meeting his or her performance goals (training programs, mentoring, etc.). She also said the expectations set forth in the plan should be consistent with the company’s policies and past practices. “Managers must ensure that performance expectations and goals are appropriate, and their method for measuring improvement is fair and consistent with similar situations,” Cyrus said.

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