Act now on headhigh handles or the NRL is destined

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Do you need your kids to play a game that could leave them, by their mid 40s, with psychological debilitation, sadness, cognitive decline, enthusiastic insecurity, defenselessness to substance mishandle and frequented by self-destructive musings?

Didn’t think so.

Would you like to see your most loved footy code savaged by legitimate activity from mind harmed previous players and moved towards unimportance by a decreasing number of children taking up the game?

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No? Obviously you don’t.

In which case, you most likely need to jump aboard wholeheartedly with what Peter V’landys and Andrew Abdo are doing in the NRL.

No uncertainties or buts or “it was incidental contact” or “tired players settle on helpless choices”. Rugby class – and rugby association and AFL, besides – need to acknowledge that any type of contact with the head should be prohibited. Also, the principles should be policed without bargain until headhigh handles are wiped out of the game.

Response to the NRL’s crackdown on head contact in Magic Round has been covered with misrepresentations, pardons and strange grandiosity.

Bulldogs mentor Trent Barrett accused rule changes for his failing to meet expectations group’s misfortune to Canberra and said: “It’s a physical game and it’s quite hard not to contact anybody’s head or neck when you’re handling somebody with or without the ball. It will occur; it’s unimaginable not to.”

Bandits mentor Ricky Stuart asserted: “We have a game that is very remarkable, yet it is anything but a game for everybody – it’s an extreme, merciless physical game. What’s more, in the event that we need to remove that, let us know (and) I’ll begin enlisting various kinds of players.”

Others have recommended that stipends should be made on the grounds that standard changes have made the game quicker and all the more truly requesting and tired players are getting their handling method wrong. Or on the other hand that there ought to have been some admonition before the NRL dispatched the crackdown.

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